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Romans 12: 9-21 The Quality of Authentic Love

Vs. 10 - “Be devoted to each other in brotherly love”

Devoted - Strong affection, loyal, dedicated to the relationship.  You are their support system, their relational infra-structure.  Hopefully it is reciprocal, but if it isn’t, they still have our love and devotion!  We don’t love to be loved back but to transfer/channel the love of God!  But if the natural response to devoted brotherly love is there, this can form extremely warm and strong bonds of mutual friendship.  Friendship creates good morale. There is no greater blessing than to be part of a close-knit team, accomplishing the work of God together!

Brotherly love/Family ties – This is my brother or sister in Christ!  It is a bond stronger than blood ties!  Jesus – “Who is my mother and who are my brothers? Pointing to His disciples, He said, ‘Here are my mother and my brothers’” [Matt. 12:48-50]

Vs. 9 cont.… “Honor one another above yourselves.”

Find ways to build up others in ego-less attempts to help the others reach their fullest potential. When everyone does this, the entire church is encouraged. People feel secure/safe.  We are not worried about backbiting, or gossip, or betrayal.  Because we trust our fellow Christians to love us.  We trust their devotion to Christ and to us, even as we are devoted to them! 

Remember: when someone speaks badly of someone else, refuse to listen. Refuse to join them in bashing someone.  Remember, if they would do it to someone that is not you, they are capable of doing it to you also!

Vs. 11 – “Zeal… spiritual fervor serving the Lord”

How do we best serve the Lord?

*Lesson from serving our family

  • voicing approval, giving respect, encouraging, being “solid”, laughter

  • enthusiastically serving our spouse and children w/time and attention - generosity

     Creates a healthy, trusting, in-home environment


Vs. 12

  • “Joyful in hope” – We hope for God’s intervention

  • “Patient in affliction” – because we maintain hope

  • “Faithful in prayer” – because we have a God who loves [1 Tim.2:1; Eph. 6:8; Col. 1:9]

Vs. 13 – “Share …” your stuff/resources!  Take your “No Trespassing”, “Keep Out” signs, and barbed wire fences down.  Put out the “Welcome” mat!   Following Christ is not supposed to be “safe”!    What does “…crucified with Christ” mean?

Vs. 14, 15 – Beatitude living.  It’s an approach to living life!  It promotes true harmony.

[Matt. 5:3-12]   Unexpected blessings, unintended benefits. 



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