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Mother's Day Teach Your Children Well

Teach Your Children Well

         Mothers do more than see  to the feeding, clothing, & sheltering of their children.

  1 - the mental/moral provision

  2 - emotional provision

  “Train up a child in the way they should  go...” Why? Because “…when they are old, they will not depart from it”!

What do parents want from their children?

   ~to be loved, respected, and befriended.

   ~admiration – to be able to watch

             - skillful, brave, loyal, dutiful, honest, successful, accomplished

            - knowledgeable, and wise. 

            - works hard and loves much.                    

~ a great spouse                                                       

  ~ wonderful parent.                                                  

~ love and care into old age

  ~ Guidance, discipline, constant attention required


Without unwavering, consistent parental guidance, they will instead most likely be unskilled, unmotivated, opportunistic, loyal only to themselves, irresponsible, crooked, predatory, ignorant, users, players, and foolish                     in every way. [Rom. 1:28-32]

   Training is a supreme parental effort

    - a supreme effort

    - consuming

    - inconvenient

    - constant

   A great gap between what they are born  with and what they must accumulate:

  ~Diversion, deception, temptations, confusion                      

                   – Countering by filling them with truth, starting early                                                    

 ~ Human nature – countering the natural bent

  Society’s increasingly strident clam upon your child.   NO DISSENT - consent to sexuality without borders,                  -hate the free exchange and debate of other ideas

    - to despise authority,

    - to value animal life more than human life,

    - to accept & advocate for all abortion,

    - acknowledge the supremacy of feminism,    

    - to accept all religions and beliefs systems   - exceptions - Christianity & Judaism -  (Israel)                                                             

   - utopian merits of socialism and thenanny state.

   - The absolute authority of the “experts”

       Moms – be the backbone of the resistance!

         - Job #1 – strengthen   parental influence/authority

  1 - Obedience – protective measure                                            

                      - (not out of a need to dominate or assert   ownership! It’s about         them,not you!                                                                         

2 – Obedience is respect! Respect essential!   - Without it, all is lost!

         Parental respect / authority of God connection


   Vs. “obedience not necessary”   - that insisting on obedience is parental domination                                                        

                   -Do not succumb                                                      

                   -vacuum of parental control and authority

                  - opportunity for them (as in us & them)

                 - They become the voice of authority,   Arsenal - secular educational system, the entertainment industry of art, popular music, movies, “star power, internet, and even video games

    * little chance of ever turning back!

Never in the history of civilization has the world been so diabolically clever!   Never before has the world had so manyamazing weapons at their disposal!

Remember always who is at the head of the world system – who is running the show behind the scenes! Never underestimate Him!


ØTeach them to love Jesus!
ØTeach them to love the Word of God!
ØTeach them to love people – all kinds of people, even/especially those who are the enemies of Christ!
ØDon’t be discouraged! Your child is not worse than other children!

  ~ you are not a bad parent! Your are up against numerous enemies, and you are learning too!


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