SS kids

On Sunday mornings we regularly have a Children's Church available for children ages 4-10. They are dismissed after worship and announcements and return at the end of the service. During this time they will listen to a Bible story, sing songs, do a fun activity, play a game and have a snack. There is a rotating schedule of volunteer teachers who prepare the lesson.

From September-May there is Sunday School for all children ages 5-18. The ages are generally broken up into 2-3 groups (5-7, 8-12, 13-18).

Bethany E-Free is a charter organization for American Heritage Girls and Trail Life USA. They are both Troop WI-2222. These programs meet on Wednesday evenings during the school year and are for all boys and girls that are of school age. Both programs include camping trips, hikes, and lots of learning activities. AHG and TL are full of adventure, learning and faith building activities and lessons. For more information or to become a registered member, visit the respective websites below. If you and your child are interested in visiting before becoming a member, please come and see!